27 February - 01 March, 2018 | London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, London, United Kingdom

Meet the Speakers

Chair, Combat Support Week

General Sir Peter Wall
General Sir Peter Wall
Chief of the General Staff
British Army (2011-2014)

Chair, Defence Supply Chain and Logistics

Major General (Retd.) Robert Talbot-Rice
Major General (Retd.) Robert Talbot-Rice
Former Director Land Equipment

Combined Speaker Faculty, Combat Support Week 2018

Lieutenant General Duizit Brito
Chief of the Planning and Management Office of the Logistic Command
Brazilian Army
Lieutenant General Darrell K. Williams
Defense Logistics Agency
Lieutenant General Peter Bohrer
Deputy Commander
German Joint Support Service Command
Major General Tyrone Urch
Commander Force Troops Command
British Army
Major General Angus Fay
Office of Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Logistics Operations)
UK Ministry of Defence
Major General Craig Crenshaw
Commanding General
United States Marine Corps Logistics Command
Rear Admiral Paul Verrastro
Director of Logistics
US European Command
Brigadier General Evan M. Miller
Director for Logistics, Engineering and Security Cooperation
US Pacific Command
Mr Roger West
Director Logistics Delivery Operating Centre
Defence Equipment and Support
Brigadier General Arlid Dregelid
Commander LOS Program
Norwegian Armed Forces
Brigadier Eldon Millar
Commander 8 Engineer Brigade
Dr. David Pittman
Director of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center and Chie
Colonel Peter Quaite
Commander 170 Infrastructure Support Engineer Group
British Army
Colonel Michael Seefried
Engineer Officier G3 Section
Austrian Land Forces Command
Colonel Ing. P.J.A. (Pedro) Jooren
Chief Logistics Policy Branch
Colonel Theodoros Zikos
Director C-Branch (Logistics)
Hellenic Army General Staff
Colonel James Burke
Director of Engineering
Irish Defence Forces
Colonel Jochen Gumprich
Head of Army Engineering, Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre
Colonel Eric Harvent
Commander Medium Brigade
Belgian Land Component
Colonel Horea Gheorghe Puscau
Office for Resources
Romanian Armed Forces
Captain Bernd Schumacher
Director, Joint Logistic Support Group Coordination and Training Centre
Colonel Franck Verdierre
Movement Coordination Centre Europe
Colonel John Baker
Commander of Europe District
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Colonel Florin Adrian Obreja
Chairman of the NATO Environmental Protection Working Group
Romanian Ministry of Defence
Colonel Jean-Albert Legros
Chief Engineer
European Corps and Belgian Ministry of Defence
Colonel Attila Csurgo
Commander 1st EOD and River Fleet Regiment
Hungarian Armed Forces
Colonel Michael Giner
Army Chief of Engineers and Commander of the Göta Engineer Regiment
Swedish Army
Lieutenant Colonel Andre Mundt
Supply Chain Management Division
Lieutenant Colonel Belentani Leme Williams
Logistics Command Doctrine Officer, International Liaison Officer
Brazilian Army
Lieutenant Colonel Alistair Birrell
Capability Packages Acquisition and Follow-on-Support
Lieutenant Colonel Norbert Reger
Staff Officer, Joint Logistic Support Group Coordination and Training Centre
Lieutenant Colonel Claire Bramma
Commanding Officer, Mapping and Charting Establishment
Canadian Armed Forces
Lieutenant-Colonel Jim Smith
Commanding Officer 2 Combat Engineer Regiment
Canadian Armed Forces
Lieutenant Colonel Stephane Lexpert
Chief of Studies and Expertise Department at Joint Explosive Ordnance Warfare
French Ministry of Defence
Major Richard Sanders
Senior Instructor Field Logistics
Defence Logistics School
Mr Bruno Cantin
Head of Logistics
Mr Paul Hammond
Chief of Staff
NATO Support and Procurement Agency
Mr Mario Blokken
Head Permanent Secretariat
European Land Force Interoperability Center (Finabel)
Mrs Sharon Wiltshire
Cyber Industry Deputy Head, Defence Assurance & Information Security
Mr Stuart Young
Head of the Centre for Defence Acquisition
Cranfield Defence and Security