27 February - 1 March 2018 | London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, London, United Kingdom

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Demand forecasting and supply chain: State of the market

The defence supply chain is transforming through emerging technologies and software, enabling a crucial opportunity to improve demand forecasting, asset oversight and effective maintenance to avoid critical shortfalls in capability. 

In this exclusive infographic, find out the views of experts from both the military and the industry, coming from all around the world, on the current state of the defence supply chain, future investments, the role of technology in demand forecasting and ways to improve the current and future supply chain.

The importance of logistics staff training in delivering operational excellence

As the logistical landscape changes through the emergence of innovative technologies and concepts, training must evolve to make sure logisticians develop the knowledge and skills to produce faster and better logistics solutions. 

In this exclusive interview, Defence IQ sat down with Major Richard Sanders, a senior instructor at the Defence School of Logistics Command Wing and speaker at the Defence Supply Chain and Logistics conference, to better understand how training can enhance delivery to the deployed troops. 


Are we doing enough to derisk the defence supply chain

Defence ministries and major contractors would be at a loose end without vast global supply chains to provide the equipment needed to undertake operations in a timely, cost-effective manner. However, as these chains add more links, the complexity of managing them has steadily increased, while the risk of a single vulnerability – and its potential to disrupt – becomes inevitably more severe. A critical supplier may suffer financial failure or be found in violation of labour or environmental standards. Just as worrying, foreign infiltration into critical systems for the purposes of disruption is becoming a significant concern given recent attitudes towards cyber and corporate espionage. It is therefore vital that governments and agencies do what they can to better understand the risks and press contractors for transparency and accountability. Read how defence ministries are attempting to do this - and the challenges they entail - ahead of this year's International Defence Logistics conference.


U.S. Marine Corps Approach to Logistics - Q&A

Read Defence IQ's latest interview with Major General Craig C. Crenshaw, Commanding General at Marine Corps Logistics Command about how the USMC are handling the current challenges for military logisticians.


2018 Combat Support Week Attendee List

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Top 3 Challenges for Defence Logistics Experts

Brigadier General Vetter, Commander of the Bundeswehr’s Logistics Centre sets out the top three challenges he sees facing logistics experts over the next five years. He also discusses the importance of international collaboration in logistics.


Defence Logistics Chairman David Tasker demands "honest discussion"

"I’m looking for an open and frank forum on where industry can learn from defence or military organisations, but likewise where military organisations can see where they can benefit from their commercial counterparts."

As chairman of the Defence Logistics 2015 conference, David Tasker (Vice President Global Defence, DB Schenker) explains exactly what he expects from the forum and why his company is sponsoring the event…

Defense Logistics Agency director discusses where investment is heading and how industry can support future operations

Defence IQ spoke to RADM Griffith, Director, DLA Logistics Operations (J3) at the Defense Logistics Agency about the challenges his agency faces in the future as the nature of war continues to evolve, where investment and innovation is heading, and what industry can do to support these efforts.

Defence logistics is "much more than numbers, dollars and contracts"...Discuss!

Chris Markey is the Chairman of the Defence Forum of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT). He provides advice and consultancy support in both commercial and defence sectors, primarily on supply chain and logistic issues. Defence IQ spoke with Markey about the state of defence logistics today and why people need to recognise the real complexity of this field…

The 3 factors driving performance based logistics

Dr. Kevin Burgess is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Management and Security at Cranfield Defence and Security. Defence IQ talked to Dr Burgess about military and defence logistics to learn more about current trends. Here’s the transcript…

Logistics - The EU Military Staff Approach

Brigadier General Dionigi Maria Loria, Director, Logistics, European Union Military Staff speaks with Defence IQ about the strategy they are using to expand on the issues surrounding the EU Common Security and Defence Policy and their efforts to foster deeper cooperation and make best use of multinational platforms.