Download the Defence Supply Chain & Logistics Agenda

Join us at the Defence Supply Chain and Logistics conference as we target accurate demand forecasting, enhanced asset management and effective mission support for a complex operating environment. 

The forum is a unique opportunity to:

  • Improve demand forecasting by discovering the technologies and processes that can support a predictive approach to maintenance, operational demand planning and procurement

  • Deliver process excellence across your logistical workforce by debating new approaches to training, war-gaming and simulation

  • Maximise readiness for rapid deployments by exploring national and international approaches to logistical support at the edge of the envelope, particularly in austere environments

  • Integrate a collaborative, end-to-end approach to combat support through joint-force panels, industry case studies and shared networking sessions with military engineers

  • Optimise operational capability by integrating the contractor within your support chain, and learn how to safely outsource the installation, sustainment and replacement of critical infrastructure and technology

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