Prediction, transformation, delivery - Revolutionising the defence supply chain

Now is the time to transform the defence supply chain. Future missions - across multiple domains - will depend on the ability of logisticians to accurately predict demand, as a means to support the accelerated supply and sustainment of deployed forces. In doing so, they will depend not only on a suite of advanced SCM technologies, but on a proactive approach to internal training, which can support the delivery of process excellence for the supply chain operators of tomorrow. 

Join us in London next February for Defence Supply Chain and Logistics 2018. Co-located with Defence IQ’s Military Engineering summit, and part of the inaugural Combat Support Week, the forum will provide a never-before-seen opportunity to revolutionise your support chain end-to-end. By joining, you will benefit from a joint networking space, a cross-service audience and a series of senior joint-plenary sessions, highlighting opportunities for logisticians and engineers to deliver collaborative mission support.

2018 speakers include:

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By Attending Defence Logistics 2018 you will have the opportunity to:


Leverage long-term relationships with industry to simplify the supply chain and to discover how outsourcing the logistical process to a third party can deliver on a product, service or programme more effectively in support of contingency operations


Examine the sophisticated programmes that allow you - the logistician- to better manage your assets and their availability by integrating the supply chain at the joint operational level


Improve your ability to deliver assets and equipment to hard-to-reach conflict zones by sourcing partnerships with other infrastructure owners


Benefit from avenues of outsourcing that can reduce the supply chain burden so that you can concentrate on sustaining the equipment or technology itself and supply your product or service reliably to the user

What's New?

Co-located with the Military Engineering conference as part of Combat Support Week. Chaired by General Sir Peter Wall, it will provide a unique opportunity to assess the demands of mission support end-to-end.

Presentations specifically dedicated to explaining how to maximize engagement with industry to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions

A pre-conference workshop, committed to educating attendees on how to integrate new technologies safely into the supply chain

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