Optimising logistics in the age of rapid deployment

The procurement, transport and replacement of military supplies continue to pose considerable challenges for logisticians. Today’s operations demand a lighter, more efficient supply chain, with the capacity to deliver resources to isolated theatres at speed.

February’s conference will be an invaluable opportunity for military and industry alike to confront the difficulties of logistics supply in the post-Afghanistan era. With no major theatres of war ongoing, the event will consider the demands of a return to contingency, examining the need to develop a logistical framework suitably robust to deal with rapid deployment, and suitably uniform to encompass joint international efforts.

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Key Themes

Overcoming unpredictability of demand by improving oversight of the supply chain

Capitalising on new technologies to reduce the logistical footprint

Avoiding vendor failure by better integrating contractors into the supply chain

Preparing for rapid response operations by maximizing efficiency

By Attending Defence Logistics 2018 you will have the opportunity to:


Leverage long-term relationships with industry to simplify the supply chain and to discover how outsourcing the logistical process to a third party can deliver on a product, service or programme more effectively in support of contingency operations


Examine the sophisticated programmes that allow you - the logistician- to better manage your assets and their availability by integrating the supply chain at the joint operational level


Improve your ability to deliver assets and equipment to hard-to-reach conflict zones by sourcing partnerships with other infrastructure owners


Benefit from avenues of outsourcing that can reduce the supply chain burden so that you can concentrate on sustaining the equipment or technology itself and supply your product or service reliably to the user

What's New?

A range of senior military speakers drawn from the NATO and non-NATO communities, offering a global take on the key logistical challenges facing today’s operations

Presentations specifically dedicated to explaining how to maximize engagement with industry to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions

A pre-conference workshop, committed to educating attendees on how to integrate new technologies safely into the supply chain

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